Mural Update - The design is UP!

Be sure to go by and take a look at the new mural that's up.  A big THANK YOU goes out to Andrea Croskery, who designed it, and Ray Elmore who turned it into art.  Also, we couldn't have done it without all of our volunteers. 

Let us know what you think of the new mural design!

Mural Update Begins on Feb 26th

Many of you are familiar with the current mural that adorns the front of the theater at 5th and Evans.  On February 26th, we will begin the process of updating the mural.  Volunteers are welcome to come join our Painting-Party.  The paint starts flying at 1pm and goes until everything is coated in primer.  Soon after, we will be unveiling the new mural design.  So stay tuned!

Plans for the new theater unveiled!

You've read about it in the paper, now look at it for yourself.  Take a look at the Architect's Presentation.  It shows the Theater in the past, present, and a look at the way we're planning to make it!

Thank you, to Carl Rees for making this publication available.

City unveils new theater layout

The City has finally released the plans for the building!  Stay tuned for more pictures of what the theater will look like!  In the meantime, read more at the Daily Reflector:

MAC makes presentation to Redevelopment Commission

The MAC met with the Redevelopment Commission earlier today and presented them with an update.  This update marks the first time the MAC has met with the full Commission board.  Included in this presentation was information on how the MAC has fufilled its goals to promote the project and to prepare for fundraising.

You can download a copy of the slides presented here.

Daily Reflector covers MAC/Redevelopment Commission agreement

For those of you that didn't already come from the website, Kathryn Kennedy of the Daily Reflector just published an article highlighting the agreement we have created with the City of Greenville Redevelopment Commission.  Take a look at the article.

Redevelopment Commission and MAC agree to work together

The Magnolia Arts Center and the Greenville City Redevelopment Commission have reached an agreement pertaining to the fundraising and renovation of the old Park Theater (also known as White's Theater and State Theater).  More details will follow when both parties have signed the agreement.

Letter to the Editor

Lee Armstrong (on the board of the Magnolia Arts Center) recently sent a letter to the editor of The Daily Reflector.  Since we aren't too sure if it will actually get published, we were able to obtain permissions to reprint it here.

Redeveopment Commission votes to purchase the Park Theater

Article from the Daily Reflector

With that in mind, we welcome you to the Park Theater Renovation website.  We hope to chronicle the process of turning this space into something that the entire city can be proud of.